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FAQs About Our Services

1. What does a Christian Science nurse do?

“Christian Science nursing is a practical, spiritual ministry that actively supports the patient’s decision to rely on Christian Science for healing. It is grounded in the Bible-based theology of Christian Science, which includes Christ Jesus’ commandment to love one another. (see John 15:12) This ministry is carried out with prayer, wisdom, compassion and skill.”

Click here for the complete Christian Science Scope of Services published by The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA, updated April 2018. It includes detailed information on what the care of a Christian Science nurse includes and does NOT include.

How do I arrange for a Christian Science nurse visit?

Call or text us at (517) 582-0575 anytime for the Noontide visiting Christian Science nurse on duty. If a response can't be made at the time of your call, a return call will be made as quickly as possible.

You can also call any Christian Science nurse listed at the back of the Christian Science Journal or see and click on the section called Christian Science nurses.

3. How much does it cost for a Noontide visiting Christian Science nurse to come to my location?

  • First 2 hrs: $60/hour

  • 3rd-12 hrs: $20/hour

  • 13th - 24 hrs: $10/hr

  • There is no charge for time or transportation of the Christian Science nurse to and from your location.

  • There is no initial charge for equipment aids (such as canes, walkers, wheel chairs, etc.) loaned for the first month of use. There is a minimal charge per month thereafter.

  • Instruction on how to use any equipment needed will be provided by the Christian Science nurse.

  • Any electric bed needed should be rented from a company that provides such rentals. The visiting Christian Science nurse can help you get an electric bed.


4. How long can the Christian Science nurse stay?

Generally, a visiting Christian Science nurse can stay one to two hours and can come several times a week or daily. However, if the need is for more than two hours daily, and it’s clear that the patient should not be left alone, we’ll stay until a full-time Christian Science nurse can be arranged.

5. Can I use medication?

Medication is not consistent with the practice of Christian Science. Christian Science nurses are not trained or licensed to administer medication or to work with those under medical care. It is the policy of Noontide Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service to be in accord with the theology of Christian Science and to be in accord with legal statutes. Therefore, Noontide does NOT provide Christian Science care to those taking medication or under medical care.

6. Do I have to be working with a
Christian Science Journal-listed practitioner?

Yes it is required for anyone working with Noontide's Christian Science Visiting nurses for practical care to also be working with a Christian Science Journal–listed Christian Science practitioner for healing.

7. Will the Christian Science nurse come

and cut my fingernails or toenails?

Christian Science nurses are not licensed by the state of Michigan to cut fingernails or toenails. Nail technicians are readily available outside the home and are licensed by the state of Michigan in nail care.

8. Will you transport patients for errands?

No. Our insurance coverage doesn’t allow for this and we need to be available for those with sudden needs.

9. Will you transport a patient to a Christian Science

nursing facility, if needed?

We do not transport patients to Christian Science nursing facilities for insurance reasons and the need for us to be available for others. However, we are happy to help those in need find transportation.

10. Will you help with home births?

Yes, we will provide Christian Science nursing support for home births.
A qualified physician or midwife must attend the birth. Please make arrangements with us well in advance of the due date.

11. Will you help with children’s needs?


12. Do you have electric beds for use or rent?

No, but we can provide information on how to get one.

13. What if I call you and the Christian Science

nurse is not available?

Just leave a voicemail message and as soon as the Christian Science nurse is available, you will receive a call back. For more information on other Christian Science nursing resources, click here.

14. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, that can be worked out. Call our Christian Science nurse at (517) 582-0575. There are also Christian Science benevolent organizations that can help provide funds to pay for Christian Science nursing care if you qualify. For more information, click here.

For Christian Science nursing, call us anytime:

(517) 582-0575


For a complete guide to what a Christian Science nurse does and doesn’t do, click here: Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services

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