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Board Report — Annual Review of 2019


“The song of Christian Science is, “Work - work - work - watch and pray.” Message to the Mother Church for 1900 2:7-8. This was certainly the song of Noontide in 2019!   The year was filled with good work in the field of Christian Science nursing in Michigan.  Highlights of this good work include:

Annual Meeting 2019

In April Noontide held its first Annual Meeting in many years, at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Lansing.  The meeting was very well attended. 


Highlights of the meeting included: the first of a three-part workshop series given by Tina Bilhorn, Director of Nursing at Tenacre; an update by President Natalie Wright regarding the benefits of updated technologies now being used to communicate with the field; and a report from Supervising Christian Science Nurse Jeanne Troutman detailing Noontide’s partnership with Tenacre’s student mentoring program.


All participants were encouraged to commit to implement the ideas expressed at the meeting in their branch churches, family, community and beyond.



Noontide began a three-part series of workshops in April and October, given by Tina Bilhorn, Director of Nursing at Tenacre.  


The April workshop, “Communities of Care: Fulfilling the Christian Demand to Love One Another” included what to do when it may not feel comfortable to offer help or care.  Breakout groups found solutions and examples in the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy.


The October workshop, “Christian Science Nurse: A Manual By-Law for Every Member” was held at the Plymouth church.  This workshop explored foundational ideas and qualities expressed in Christian Science nursing.  How Church Manual By-Law, Article VIII, section 3, “Christ Jesus the Ensample” enlarges and supports your practice of Christian Science - right where you are.


The third workshop has not been scheduled.



Noontide nurses had the opportunity in September to attend the 2019 International Christian Science Nursing Conference held at Cedars Camps in Missouri.  The theme for the conference was “Here I am Lord”. 


Topics included the National Fund for Christian Science Nursing, continuing education of Christian Science nurses, and how to attract and retain others to this healing ministry.


Noontide board members had the opportunity in November to attend the “Open Doors” leadership conference held in Kansas City, Missouri. The theme for the conference was “follow thou me — inspired leadership”. 


This conference brought together leaders from Christian  Science nonprofit organizations world-wide to consider prayerfully and practically how to better serve our fellow Christian Scientists.

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