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Christian Science

Home Helper Workshops

Christian Science Home Helper training ensures that you are prepared to help a fellow Christian Scientist needing assistance.

This one-day course helps familiarize you with many aspects of Christian Science nursing care, starting with metaphysics. Christian Science Home Helpers may assist with errands, shopping, meal preparation, walking, reading, getting dressed, eating, and personal care. You’ll also learn the proper techniques for moving and transferring or assisting someone with a wheelchair or walker.

The workshop is taught by our Noontide Visiting Christian Science nurses.

For information on all upcoming workshops, click here.

Who would benefit from the Christian Science Home Helper workshop?

  • A reader, usher, Sunday School teacher, regular member of a branch church wanting to know how to help others properly, when needed, at church services or in the Reading Room.

  • Those interested in learning more about Christian Science nursing.

  • Anyone looking to get paid for work in the Christian Science field as a Christian Science Home Helper assisting Christian Scientists needing care.

See below for Christian Science Home Helper Course Contents


What does the Christian Science Home Helper workshop cost?

We want you to take our one-day course!

Our fee is just $20 to cover the cost of our Christian Science Home Helper notebook. The notebook provides a great deal of helpful information. For a list of the contents included in the notebook and in the workshop, see below.

When are the Christian Science Home Helper workshops held?

Christian Science Home Helper workshops are held when requested. If you are interested in attending a Christian Science Home Helper workshop, call our office at (734) 459-5850. We’ll work with you for a convenient time and place and then let the field know what we’ve set up and invite others to join us. But, we’re happy to hold the class even if there’s only one person signed up.

How do I work with Noontide if I want to become a paid
Christian Science Home Helper worker in the field?

Christian Science Home Helpers are not hired by Noontide. They are independent contractors. However, if you are a member of The Mother Church and would like to become a paid Christian Science Home Helper worker in the field, call (517) 582-0575. We’d love to talk to you about how that works.

Christian Science Home Helper Workshop Contents


A. Start with Prayer

All Christian Science care starts with prayerful thought. What are the metaphysically correct qualities of thought in every instance where assistance is needed? An understanding of this is one of the most important aspects of Christian Science nursing care. During the workshop, each area of Addressing the Practical Needs, which are listed in the instruction details below, includes a section on suggestions for uplifting thought relative to the specific practical need being addressed.

B. Addressing the Practical Needs

Once our thought is in the right place, how do we provide the proper practical care to meet the need? Instruction will be given in the following areas:

  1. Ethics – what is our ethical responsibility to those needing care?

  2. How to give practical assistance in the following areas:

    • Morning Care

    • Evening Care

    • Dressing/undressing

    • Bathing/showering

    • Shampooing and hair care

    • Oral care

  3. Environment/Safety
    • Checking and updating rooms to ensure safety first
    • Grab bars
    • Website suggestions to find helpful products

  4. Foods
    • Recipe basics

    • Interviewing patients on food preferences

    • Hints on appealing presentation

    • Preparing actual recipes

    • Menu assignments

  5. Moving/handling the patient

    • Safe techniques

    • Communication with the patient on what you’re going to do

    • Careful tips

    • Techniques for getting in and out of a car including helpful aids and best parking locations.

  6. Mobility
    • Basic points

    • Walking with a cane/walker

    • Wheelchair mobility – getting in/out; how to maneuver up and down a curb safely


C. Miscellaneous

Included with the Christian Science Home Helper workshop and notebook is a welcome packet with lots of helpful information:

  • Introduction

  • Tips on your first visit with a family

  • Cost of services

  • Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services (as published by The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist on

  • Patient’s Bill of Rights

  • Information on organizations that provide benevolence for Christian Science nursing care

  • List of Christian Science nursing facilities

  • Helpful websites


Thank you for your interest in Christian Science Home Helper workshops. Call the office at (734) 459-5850 or email us with any questions, for more information, or to request a workshop.

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For a complete guide to what a Christian Science nurse does and doesn’t do, click here: Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services

For Christian Science nursing, call us anytime:

(517) 582-0575


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