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Testimonies of Healing

"The effects of Christian Science are not so much seen as felt. It is the 'still, small voice' of Truth uttering itself."* In the same way the effects of Christian Science are felt, I recently felt the effect of Christian Science nursing. The Christian Science nurse’s immediate help (she drove two hours on a day in January) provided much needed physical assistance for 24-hours for my Mom, until I could arrive to take over the care. 


Other family members shared that they would have taken her to the hospital—which would have been against her wishes—if something was not done quickly. 


The look of peace and appreciation on my Mom's face when I walked in the door told it all. The atmosphere of Love, the presence of the Comforter, was evident and permeated the room.  


I was instructed by the Christian Science nurse, who had to leave to care for another patient, how to perform the practical care needed.  The same members of the family admitted feeling relieved that they did not have to make decisions against Mom's will, and would also not have been able to perform the care needed.  Thank you so much for the Visiting Christian Science nurse provision in Michigan!  It is wonderful and an answer to prayer!

*Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 323:28-29


We were so grateful for the services of our Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service at the births of both our children and the days afterward. With the arrival of my son a few months ago, the nurse's uplifted thought, expectation of good, and practical assistance were invaluable. She worked well with my midwife, husband, and daughter and was appreciated by them all. And I was grateful to have someone caring for me as I was caring for our new little one.

Not long ago I experienced a physical challenge. After two weeks I was unable to meet obligations at church and with others, and I was unable to eat. At that time I felt impelled to contact our Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service. The nurse arrived that evening. She was so loving and caring, and even brought homemade stew for me. By the next day I was eating normally, but I felt that I should go to a Christian Science nursing facility.  


In all of this I felt that God was guiding me. The Christian Science nurse helped facilitate my admittance, and the next day I left for a Christian Science nursing facility. I arrived on Friday afternoon, and by Saturday I felt the healing had been accomplished. I felt totally free. The last few symptoms disappeared in a few days. I left on Sunday.


As I consider this experience, I can see that I learned a valuable lesson. Whenever Jesus healed, it was apparent that he was addressing the thought of both the patient and of the thought surrounding the patient. In my case I absolutely trusted in the Science governing me, but the healing had not come. I believe the availability of the Christian Science nurse and her loving and kind manner helped to put out the fears and allay the concerns of my son and of others aware of my situation.
The healing has been permanent.


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For a complete guide to what a Christian Science nurse does and doesn’t do, click here: Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services

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